Starting Over

This site is slowly becoming a blog about my personal projects, research and thoughts. I’m hopeful it will be a resource for myself in the future so I have a searchable repository of thoughts and ideas. Most of the information here will probably focus on my professional career in computer science. Who knows though? Life is a squirrely little beast.

I read a ton about a lot of different subjects. I’ve become wiser and smarter over time, but I still don’t believe I have to focus on one subject. I can’t do it all, but I can at least learn about it all. The more I can touch, the more I can draw into my thought processes. I don’t have to be proficient in everything.

For my adult life I’ve worked with computers on a daily basis since I started college. Not that it matters, but the positions I’ve held have ranged from IT Manager, Graphic designer, 3D Animator, Systems Administrator, Systems Architect, DBA, Software Developer/Engineer, and on, and on.

I’m a ‘Jack of All Trades, Master of Some’.

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